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Craft your own pizza

I tried a new pizza place, Oven360, in Leamington, Ontario last night. It opened recently. Probably in the last couple of weeks. We arrived around 7 PM. Driving up, the restaurant was unexpectedly crowded and patrons were lined up out the door. We decided to go in and have a look anyway. Surprisingly, the line moved quickly.

Assembly-line pizza
Assembly-line pizza

The setup is similar to a Subway. You start at one end, place your order, and add toppings as you move down the line. At the start of the line, someone is making the pizza dough and sizing it to your order. We picked the 14" pizza. The cost for up to 4 toppings is $14.95. Next, they add the sauce. We have a choice between Tomato and Pesto. We choose Tomato sauce. Apparently, Pesto sauce costs an extra $1.50.

Some Toppings Are Extra

We wanted to try the Smoked Mozzarella cheese, but the server told us there would an extra charge. Nowhere on the menu does it say that Smoked Mozzarella cheese is an extra charge (note that if you order online it is not an extra charge). So, we decided against it and went for Fior de Latte. The server put a few pieces of the cheese on the pizza but not enough to cover it as mozzarella would.

Large round oven
Large round oven

As we moved down the line, we decided among 12 different types of meat, 9 selections of spices and 22 choices of vegetables. We thought of trying Speck but didn’t know what it tasted like. The server gave us a small piece to try. Similar to bacon. We choose Speck and Hot Salami for the meats. Then Roasted Red Peppers. Then Portobello Mushrooms. The server again told us there would be an extra charge for the Portobello Mushrooms as we already had 4 toppings. Apparently, cheese was a topping. It doesn’t make sense to me. A Cheese Pizza is priced at $10.95 and a 1 topping pizza is priced at $11.95. I would assume the 1 topping pizza also included cheese! No?? Perhaps only the mozzarella cheese is excluded from additional charges. We say no to the Portobello Mushrooms as well.

Rushed & Impatient

The atmosphere was very rushed. The servers seemed impatient. Given the number of toppings, one is not allowed time to pause and carefully select from the vast number offered. We weren’t even asked if we wanted any of the spices. Maybe the spices are considered a topping as well and are an extra charge. Is Black Pepper a topping?

Good Tasting Pizza
Good Tasting Pizza

We took our pizza home to eat. I must say the taste was very good. The Hot Salami added the right amount of spice. However, many would find the crust thin and soggy. This is a pizza you have to eat with a knife and fork. We will try Oven360 again. Perhaps when it has been open for a little while and is less crowded and rushed.

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